Are you thinking about starting your own website so that you can set up an online platform to sell products all around the world or to express your self and communicate with others through your blog? Good on You! If you need any assistance, you are at the right place!

Not so long ago in the early days of the Internet circa 1987, I remember a young lady in Arizona who was working with me on a pipeline in the Mojave desert……she had just taken the first step towards setting up and online site and was learning how to find a domain name. These were the very early days of the Internet and I was doing animal and reptile rescues in the pipeline trench and as we worked together, she explained the layout of the site and what she planned to do with this new method of communication.

I was amazed and understood only the outlines of her plan but I remembered her excitement and the resolution on her face as we discussed her plans and the photographs that she would be posting on her site; I determined that, one day, I would have my own site and convey my ideas to others through that medium.

I had no idea what a domain was and come to that I only had a hazy idea how the internet worked but I sat down to nut it out. I could see how two computers could communicate through a cable but “millions of computers”….?

More than a few years later I registered this domain and since that time I have been helped enormously by a talented young lady, Lilet, from the Philippines who corrects my programming errors and ensures the security of the site!

This site is all about the steps that you have to take to set up your own website and the how to turn it into a successful place where people will log in to read what you have to say. Once your website is available to the public, we will work on attracting visitors to your site by increasing your website’s page ranking, posting articles and blogs, using Social Media and running an email campaign. Finally we will work on monetising your site and discussing the basic principles of running an Online Business.

Nowadays you don’t have to be a programmer or a media specialist. Thanks to organisations like Wistia and Leadpages, the production and posting of your website is a breeze compared to what I had to learn as the Internet developed into what it is today.

I won’t mislead you into thinking that it is all easy and can be done in an hour!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make a million dollars overnight, I can’t help you and you must try another site


However, if you are serious about presenting your ideas or marketing your product to a potentially world wide audience, then I can be of assistance to you and will guide you through the pitfalls and bear traps that I encountered as I worked towards setting up this and other sites.

So, if you would like to learn the basics of setting up Your Online Business, then I recommend that you download the free e-book, “An Introduction to Internet Marketing” by subscribing to this site. A
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Looking forward to talking to you soon……