Its a silly statement, isn’t it? I don’t know anyone who could not use some more money every month to help pay the bills….well maybe some successful businessmen and politicians can be excepted, but everyone else I know will answer Yes to the question.

So what about you? Do you have plenty of spare cash in the bank and don’t really need any more?

If that coat fits then this is not for you and aside from having an interesting conversation, I cannot help you but if You need an alternative income, then I can discuss that with you.

But if you were like me a few years ago, as a single parent with two children in their early teens , you’d be interested in discussing the prospects of incrementing  your monthly income if only to assist in helping to pay the bills. I needed an alternative income source.

I had heard that a family’s expenditure could exceed their income by at least ten percent, but thought, as we all do, that it wouldn’t apply to me. That was until my children came into my life and showed me how it could be done! The bills just keep coming….food. They appear to eat more than elephant on a daily basis and school fees….I thought I was paying for the whole college!

Could I use an alternative income? You bet I could!

So what are we talking about?

I remembered an American lady from the Mojave Pipeline Project? She was planning on writing a post every day…..a simple diary of events such as finding a desert turtle or moving a barrel cactus to a new safe location and once a story about a crazy Australian who caught snakes and removed them from the construction area so they wouldn’t be harmed! Well she carried on writing her posts and uploading them to her website for anyone who was interested to read them and pretty soon she had a group of people who read her accounts daily and followed her adventures, learning for themselves about the environment in the Mojave desert and how it was affected by trail bikers and construction projects.

Her audience grew and grew and, when I left the project, she had  some five thousand plus individuals who were following her project on a daily basis.

This gave me an idea and I started to accumulate information about a term that was new to me  – ‘blogging’ on the internet. It became the OK thing to do during the Vietnam war era and has now grown into an accepted business practice for people who either have interesting lives or who have extensive knowledge on a subject or even who have an intense interest in a subject and will do research to provide this knowledge to others who access the internet to learn from.

So where do You come in to the picture and what about the additional income?

Let me give You an example…..

I want you to imagine that you are a stay at home Mum looking after your family. You have given birth to a couple of children, suckled them, weaned them and now you are seeing about their education. In the process you have learned a lot about how life is created and will have undoubtedly had to solve more than a few problems on the way.

In this world at present, it is estimated that there are about 353,000 babies born each day. How many of those ladies are giving birth for the first time ever and would therefore welcome some advice from someone who has experience in the field that they could access online.    

Not all of those mothers in the estimate are having their first child and more than a few of them don’t speak and read your language or have access to the internet so lets look at a specific country to simplify your potential readership numbers.

The population of the Unites States was recorded as 321,368,864 persons at a finite moment in 2015. Of those, 14.1% were between the ages of 15 and 24 and 50.8% of that were female. Roughly 13% of those were not using the internet and the birth rate was recorded as 127.5 births per 1,000 women in that age group (Source: National Centre for Health Statistics). If you do the math and assume that only 20% of these women were having their first child, you have a potential readership of more than 74,000 ladies!

So you open a blog site and write about your experiences……you will be surprised at how many people will respond to your information.

In another example in real life, one of my past bosses was a fantastic mechanic with cars. It had started when he was in his early teens and, when I spoke to him, he owned a business that specialised in maintaining and servicing cars, specialising in two European brands.

He had a photographic memory and could often identify what was wrong with an engine by just listening to it run. I suggested to him that he might use his business website as a platform for posting his experiences with different models of cars and how he was able to solve them.                                        

In Australia, one company that arranges car servicing has access to 1,600+ mechanics so if we estimate that there are some 40 agencies in each capital city that specialise in his selected car models with only two mechanics in each of those agencies to look up his blog, we have a potential target audience in Australia of 640 mechanics in the agencies. If we add on the private servicing centres, we increase that potential audience to more than 1,200 mechanics looking for specialised vehicle maintenance solutions.

Imagine the present and historical value of each of those posts and the potential size of his membership site…..!

But a blog site is not a commercial business. It does not make money, so how can you find your alternative income by writing blogs?

There are several ways and I am going to include them in note format for this post. If you want the details then select the Contact Us tab and send me an email.

The first and best way to monetise your blog site is to make it a membership site.

1. Membership

This means that visitors who decide that they:

  • would like to be a regular subscriber to the site and receive emails with tips two or three times a week.
  • would like to take advantage of the advanced email list (once a week) and receive webinar and course information with tips and tricks for their sites and a discount on e-books or other goods. For this they will pay a membership fee
  • Would like to take an offered course or site assessment and will pay a membership fee.
  • would like to be a regular subscriber to the site and receive emails with tips two or three times a week. or
  • would like to take advantage of the advanced email list (once a week) and receive webinar and course information with tips and tricks for their sites and a discount on e-books or other goods. For this they will pay a membership fee. or
  • will be added to your subscribers list and will be provided with extra information for a membership fee.


This can be a profitable way to make a living from your blog site. If you charge a membership fee of only US$29.00 per month and allow that your content will increment your membership by 20 persons with an unsubscribe rate of 5% each month, your revenue will be $551.00 for the first month, $1,073.00 for the second month, $1,566.00 for the third month……..$4,959 for the 12th month! That’s an additional income – $35,467 for the year.

2. E-Book sales

As part of your ongoing development of the site you may write an e-book to assist your members.

An e-book can be in .pdf format and be downloaded for a price. If you enjoy writing and it is a solution to your clients problems, this can make you a tidy additional income each month.


3. Consulting and Services

As your site develops and you do more research to provide the solutions to your members. you may decide to consult on their solutions.

We provide a Consulting service where we look over and test a clients site to determine improvements in content delivery, conversions, optimisation and optin rate.

The fee will provide additional revenue for your site.


4. Affiliate Maketing

Additional income can be generated by using affiliate members to help sell your products and services. For an example, you might be providing a basic course to your Members at a cost of $200.00. If another member has a friend or relative that would like to buy the course, that member can earn an affiliate fee for their contribution to the site. The amount of the fee can be as much as 70 – 90% of the cost of the course because they have provided you with a new client to your membership.

There are other ways of increasing the revenue from your site but they are of lesser value. For example, if your local community is right for it, you can provide local advertising facilities. This may lead to you providing paid presentations and maybe include some banner advertising on your site but be aware that visitors who might be reading your latest blog,do not appreciate an advert appearing in the middle of the page for some product that has nothing to with you or the site. Similarly you can write posts for another party to be included in your site. This can be hard work for little or no return and I do not recommend the practice in most cases.

So, in conclusion, setting up a blogging site can provide you with the additional income that we all are looking for bu,t be warned,…….Content is King. If you provide good and accurate information, visitors will be attracted to your site and follow the advice you provide…..aptly summed up by another internet marketer that I admire – Corbet Barr from Fizzle in his blog “Write Epic Shit!”

Please read this post and feel free to look at some of the other posts that I have written on IM. If you like them and find them useful, please subscribe to this site below.

I appreciate feedback and questions so do not hesitate to contact me with the form provided under Contact Us.

Talk to you soon