Born in the UK, the English climate drove Mal to Australia in 1969 where he worked on a number of construction projects, including Ord River Dam,  the Rankin “A” offshore and Dampier to Wagerup pipelines before going to America for several years.

After ten years in the USA, he worked in Thailand for some more years and manages to speak Thai with an Australian accent!

Later, when he was working in Azerbijan he was alarmed at his children’s inability to assemble coherent sentences in English and returned to Australia in 2008 for their education. Here he finally started to realise a dream that had been initiated by an American environmentalist friend, Chris, while they were working in the Mojave Desert.

During his travels he had taught himself some programming and website design so Get an Exciting Online Business was born!

Mal is a keen follower of two very successful, leading Internet Marketing experts, Lee McIntyre and Kim Roach. Their influence and training is readily seen in his new designs and marketing strategies but he has his own style of leadership and a burgeoning fan club.

He has designed this website to pass on the expertise that he has acquired over the years in internet marketing through posts and training courses as well as Social Media.