I set up a site in April 2013 as a platform for people wishing to set up an online business to get the basics explained on a step by step basis with the bear traps labelled and avoided.

For the previous several years I had been involved with the Internet, designing website graphics and doing some ghost writing for some of my friends with active business’.

Under pressure, I wrote an e-book on how to set up a website from determining the domain name and registering it through to installing WordPress and which plug-ins to install. It was designed to teach a newbie how to determine the niche they wished to market in, register a suitable domain name, arrange hosting and set up their website using WordPress. It was my version of the “Wiki-How” of website production for beginners.

Then came the “Mobile” revolution!

So I reviewed the book, added a mobile plugin and made a few other relevant changes.

Encouraged by my speed of adaptation to the changing environment, I sat down and wrote a detailed post on SEO and how to get a site on to the first page of Google……

and then the “Social Media Revolution” took place!

So I re-reviewed the relevant sections in the original book for people wanting to set up a website and have written a second e-book on “Social Media Marketing”.

This second book takes the reader from a completed website through the A to Z steps of creating a List and Email Marketing with five different strategies to suit your business.

The books are the basis of the courses available on the site and I have set up courses and webinars to provide the individual steps for motivated entrepreneurs to set up a successful online business.

My next project will be the final e-book and corresponding course to explain the Ins and Outs of Internet Marketing, How to Monetise a Website and Basic Banking Practises for Your Online Business.

Armed with the first two books, one in manuscript format, my thirteen year old daughter is planning her own website with occasional help from Dad and has assured me that she intends to be a millionaire by the time she is twenty!

With her approach, I am sure she will succeed!

Looking forward to getting to know you